Caller's father put in care home after knowingly testing positive for coronavirus

14 April 2020, 15:14 | Updated: 14 April 2020, 19:43

By Fiona Jones

This caller's story about her father left LBC's Tom Swarbrick speechless.

Caller Sue's father has been in hospital in over two months with pneumonia and he also has terrible COPD and asthma.

While in hospital he unfortunately contracted coronavirus and Sue's family had a phone call from social services saying they were putting her father into a care home.

"We said we didn't really agree with it as we couldn't check it out, we were worried about the other elderly patients in there, and he's been transferred to this home knowingly testing positively for Covid," said Sue.

She told Tom she had asked when her father was going to be tested again, considering the amount of other vulnerable people in his new environment and she was told he will not be.

Sue said care homes are being "forgotten in all this" and even the staff told her this due to the lack of protective equipment available for them.

Her father was put in a care home against her family's wishes after Sue had vowed never to let that happen to him.

She was told that due to the pandemic there were not enough resources for home care; instead "they've put him in a home against our wishes knowingly that he's tested positively for the Covid."

Tom, outraged, called this move "absolutely scandalous."

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