Caller's Fury After Family Member's Murderer Never Received Life Sentence

4 April 2018, 15:21

Caller tells of brother-in-law's wife's horrific death, and the family's frustration that the killer's life imprisonment was eventually reduced, with the family left unable to appeal the situation.

The caller speaks of how his brother-in-law’s estranged wife was “Murdered, dismembered and distributed around a local golf course in south London.”

The man was caught and tried, but his lifetime sentence was reduced. He spoke of how they struggled to get their voice heard, and there was nothing that could be done to appeal the situation once a decision was made.

“Nobody seems to want to listen. There was a strong case to keep a man like that in prison for the rest of his life.”

Having read up on the case, Tom Swarbrick commented “Some of it is so grim, it is so disgusting what happened to her.”

“You wonder why on earth this person could ever NOT be considered a threat to the public.”

Tom Swarbrick in LBC Studio
Picture: LBC

The caller spoke of the struggles of the family left. How the father was forced to bring up three boys, one of which was a baby at the time of the mother’s death.

“Words can’t explain how it’s affected him and his three sons.”

There was even a possibility that he had murdered other people, as there was a suggestion that other human remains were found in the killer’s apartment.

“I can’t explain how frustrating, and angry and disgusted it makes you feel.”