Conservative And Labour MPs Begin General Election Battle Live On LBC

29 October 2019, 22:45 | Updated: 5 November 2019, 00:15

This was the moment when a Conservative MP began the general election battle by telling a Labour MP that he thinks Jeremy Corbyn was sad about the death of ISIS' leader.

Tory Simon Hoare said that Mr Corbyn is "probably just rather sad he wasn't able to tick [Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi] off the bucket list of people that he's been able to invite to the House of Commons for tea".

Labour's Paul Sweeney branded this comment "typical smears" and also described the now independent MP Ian Austin - who left the Labour Party because of its leader - as "a very bitter man with an axe to grind", after Mr Hoare cited him as someone else who doesn't trust the Labour leader to keep Britain safe.

Conservative Simon Hoare and Labour's Paul Sweeney
Conservative Simon Hoare (left) and Labour's Paul Sweeney (right). Picture: PA

Watch the rest of the pair's exchange above.

Tom Swarbrick looking shocked in the LBC studio
Tom Swarbrick's reaction to Simon Hoare's claim about Jeremy Corbyn. Picture: LBC