Gang Consultant Warned Police Of Gangs 'Steaming Out Of London' Ten Years Ago.

6 May 2018, 18:47

A gang consultant tells Tom Swarbrick he warned the police about gangs 'steaming out of London' ten years.

People are now more likely to be a victim of a knife attack in Bedfordshire than in Greater Manchester, according to Home Office figures.

Knife crime in Herfordshire, Warwickshire, Cambridgeshire, Hampshire, Essex and Norfolk has almost doubled in three years.

The head of drugs operations at the National Crime Agency told The Times it was "counties which surround London" that are affected.

Vince O’Brien said there was an "increasing level of violence coming from city gangs establishing themselves in new drugs markets in rural areas."

Sheldon Thomas, a former gang member, told Tom Swarbrick he warned the police that gangs were 'steaming out of London' more than ten years ago.

He said that gangs will set up a "base" in an area outside the city.

"They will call it a trap house where they make their drugs and then from there they would distribute drugs, they will recruit runners in the area to sell drugs on behalf of the drugs gangs.

"They bring them the money back down to London and then bring in extra supply back into the trap."

Mr Thomas also said that it's vulnerable people who are targeted as hosts.

"Maybe an alcohol problem, maybe a drug problem, and he's got learning difficulties.

"What they do, they would give them alcohol, or give them money, or give them drugs to feed their habit.

"They won't beat them up, they befriend them and take over the property for the making of the drugs and holding their weapons and so forth."