Former Ambassador Blasts Trump's "Mother Of All Tantrums"

16 February 2019, 11:27

A former British Ambassador to the United States said Donald Trump's latest press conference was the "mother of all tantrums" as the President declares a national emergency to build his wall.

In his latest press conference where he declared a national emergency on the border with Mexico, Donald Trump clashed with reporters who questioned the source of his statistics.

The President told one reporter that he was asking a "fake question".

But a former British Ambassador to the US described his performance at the press conference as the "mother of all tantrums".

Sir Christopher Meyer said that the President had become frustrated by defeats on his policies to get funding for his wall.

He told Tom Swarbrick: "What we saw in that press conference was a mother of all tantrums.

"He had been outfought and outwitted by the Democratic controlled House of Representatives and he wasn't having any of it.

"He's got himself into the most appalling constitutional and political tangle."

Donald Trump declared a national emergency in a press conference
Donald Trump declared a national emergency in a press conference. Picture: PA

The emergency declaration enables President Trump to divert $3.6 billion in order to fund the controversial border wall he promised as part of his election campaign.

"There will be endless legal challenge, endless political challenge, and I'd be surprised if an extra brick was even put in place in the wall as a result of this," Sir Meyer said.

Asked about Donald Trump's remarks about Brexit, the former ambassador could only laugh before commenting: "I would wait and see what kind of Trump is waiting for us after we leave the European Union.

"Which ever Trump we encounter in April, when it comes down to the negotiation of a trade agreement with the Americans we will be dealing with some very tough cookies who will have some very tough demands," he said.