Hancock scandal not 'number one issue worrying people,' claims Labour MP

27 June 2021, 15:41

By Seán Hickey

The Shadow Housing Sec. dismissed the furore around Matt Hancock as a 'topic of conversation,' and there are far more urgent issues for voters.

Lucy Powell MP spoke to Tom Swarbrick in the wake of the former Health Secretary's resignation. The Shadow Housing Secretary insisted that there are far more pressing issues for the British public than Matt Hancock's private life.

"Most people and certainly the hundreds of thousands of leaseholders trapped in sellable, uninsurable, dangerous buildings have got a lot of other things on their mind that they want us as politicians, the government and the opposition to be talking about and addressing."

She told Tom that she couldn't quite work out why the nation has spent "three days talking about whether or not Matt Hancock should stay in his job or not."

"It's a topic of conversation but it's not an issue affecting people's lives."

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Tom was surprised by the assertions of Ms Powell: "You don't think Labour supporters want to see the leader of the opposition focussing on what Matt Hancock was up to and the decisions made around him staying in his job?"

She insisted that Matt Hancock "should have been sacked on Friday" and now that it is done, Labour should look beyond the former Health Secretary.

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"What I don't think is that it's the number one issue worrying people day to day," Ms Powell claimed, reiterating for LBC listeners that the public "don't care about whether Matt Hancock's on the job while he's on the job."

"It's not the thing that will change their lives for the better or worse."