"Ireland Should Go To War With UK Over Brexit... And India Should Help Them"

21 January 2019, 08:02

This is the moment a furious LBC caller said that Ireland should go to war with the UK over Northern Ireland... and that India should help them.

Tom Swarbrick was discussing newspaper reports that that the government is looking to rework the Good Friday Agreement to help solve the Brexit deadlock.

Then Ranjeev called.

He insisted that Ireland is Irish and the Republic should throw all Brits out of the country and take back Northern Ireland, even if it means going to war with the UK.

Tom Swarbrick couldn't believe what he was hearing
Tom Swarbrick couldn't believe what he was hearing. Picture: LBC

Tom was left lost for words as the increasingly livid caller said Argentina should take back the Falklands by force, as should Spain with Gibraltar.

The response from listeners to Ranjeev's call was huge.

Watch the full call at the top of the page.