Ian Duncan Smith: "It's Very Important May Gets Her Way On Amendments"

10 June 2018, 14:52

The Brexiteer says it is important Theresa May has the necessary support to pass to dismiss the amendments on the EU Withdrawal Bill from the House of Lords so that it can be passed.

Ian Duncan Smith told Tom Swarbrick that it is "very important that the Prime Minister gets her way on this one" because doing otherwise would put the referendum result in "jeopardy."

The Tory said that the bill "is not about trade" but instead about leaving the union.

"The Customs amendment is a nonsense amendment on a bill that has nothing to do with trade at all."

Ian Duncan Smith
Ian Duncan Smith. Picture: PA

The Brexiteer also rubbished rumours that Theresa May's leadership would be in question.

"I don't hold with this nonsense speculation about her leadership.

"There's always somebody or a couple of people who come out to say someone's got to go.

"Jeremy Corbyn and his front bench have moved from one position to another, the reality is they're just doing this for short term political gain trying to see if they can get a rebellion.

"What we're saying is don't in any way start siding with what is an incredibly cynical attempt to stop the British people getting what they voted for."