Keir Starmer saved Labour from 'cult of far-left' Corbyn supporters

4 April 2021, 12:51 | Updated: 4 April 2021, 13:13

By Seán Hickey

A former Home Secretary tells LBC that Sir Keir Starmer has done a 'tremendous' job of getting Labour back on track after Jeremy Corbyn's reign.

Sir Keir Starmer marks a year in office on Easter Sunday, and his tenure has come under observation this weekend. Tom Swarbrick was joined by former Home Secretary Alan Johnson to assess the Labour leader's term so far.

"You have to be in the Labour party to really appreciate where we were in December 2019 to where we are now," Mr Johnson insisted.

He told Tom that the Labour party seemed to be doomed to history near the end of Jeremy Corbyn's term in office.

"It really looked as though it might all be over for us, not because of that election result, but because this cult of the far-left had virtually taken over the party at all levels."

Mr Johnson insisted that Sir Keir has done well in his first year. He reminded Tom that Labor were "26 points off when Keir Starmer was elected" and he has shaved the Conservative lead in the polls to 10.

"He's had a tremendous first year," the former Home Secretary claimed.

Tom put to him that "there are huge percentages of the membership that are much more left-wing" and while Sir Keir may have done well in Mr Johnson's mind, there are still anti-Brexit sections of the party that would oppose that.

"The big calls that Keir Starmer has had to make, he's made them right," Mr Johnson said, noting that Sir Keir's detractors won't take their vote elsewhere, despite their contestations.