Labour's Jess Phillips Raises Concerns About Jeremy Corbyn’s Advisers

24 April 2019, 15:39 | Updated: 24 April 2019, 15:47

Members of Jeremy Corbyn’s team appear “incredibly friendly with Russia” and offered a “grotesque” response to the Julian Assange case, Jess Phillips has said.

The Labour MP added she would find it “very difficult” if the party's leader became Prime Minister while surrounded by his current team.

The remarks came as the MP for Birmingham Yardley took LBC listeners’ calls on Wednesday afternoon.

She was responding to caller Mark who asked Ms Phillips whether she regretted taking such a “tough stance” towards Mr Corbyn.

Jess Phillips raised concerns about Jeremy Corbyn's top team on Wednesday
Jess Phillips raised concerns about Jeremy Corbyn's top team on Wednesday. Picture: PA/LBC

During her answer, the Labour backbencher said: “Jeremy Corbyn is a perfectly reasonable human being, I worry about some of the people who he has got around him, advising him, there are no two ways about that.

“I think they are sometimes reactionary, I think they have views about, for example, the recent handling of the Assange situation I found to be grotesque, again as a feminist.

“Some of the people around him I would have some concerns.”

Tom asked: “So unless he got rid of those people around him, would you be comfortable with him being prime minister?”

Ms Phillips replied: “I have to say I would struggle if I thought some of the people who seem incredibly friendly with Russia and completely and utterly oneway about certain foreign affairs were still there, I would find that very difficult.”