Tom Swarbrick Challenges Jo Swinson To Consider Her Job If She Fails To Stop No-Deal Brexit

27 August 2019, 10:00 | Updated: 27 August 2019, 10:05

Tom Swarbrick asked the Liberal Democrat leader if she would resign if her party failed to prevent no-deal Brexit.

Jo Swinson said that stopping Brexit is "hugely important" but would do 'everything she can' in "stopping no-deal".

But when Tom asked whether she would stake her leadership on it, the party leader struggled to commit to an answer.

"I'm going to do everything I can to stop Brexit and a no-deal Brexit, and working with other parties is an important part of that," she said.

Tom asked: "And if it goes wrong, if you miss your opportunity and no-deal happens, would you stake your leadership on it?"

Ms Swinson replied: "If Brexit happens we will have failed and our country will be in real difficult circumstances, but I don't think anyone will be able to accuse us of not trying very hard."

Tom Swarbrick and Jo Swinson in the LBC studio
Tom Swarbrick and Jo Swinson in the LBC studio. Picture: LBC

"When we started arguing that the public should have a final say on the Brexit deal more than three years ago, that was very much a minority view, it did not have huge support," she said.

"We now talk about a scenario where we have people in lots of different parties across the House of Commons supporting it, we had 280 MPs supporting that earlier in the Spring, and it is now a position that commands huge support.

"We have demonstrated some success in that campaign, but can we actually stop Brexit, I believe we still can but obviously there's no guarantee."

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