The Harrowing Account Of One London Bridge Attack Survivor

3 June 2018, 15:36

This video contains graphic descriptions some people may find distressing.

Geoff Ho was stabbed during the London Bridge attack. On the first anniversary, he recalls how the attack unfolded.

One of the survivors of the London Bridge attack last year told Tom Swarbrick how the attack unfolded on its first anniversary.

Geoff Ho was at Borough Market near London Bridge watching the Champions League Final with friends.

The journalist had been awake early that day for the Lions Tour of New Zealand.

"When I noticed something was going to go wrong; the game had finished, I decided to call it a day so said my goodbyes and walked out of the pub," he said.

"I headed towards London Bridge tube station and saw two drunks attacking one of the doorman outside a pub.

"I decided to intervene.

"These were just two drunks, who weren't actually related to the terrorists."

Geoff Ho in the LBC studio.
Geoff Ho in the LBC studio. Picture: LBC

After breaking up the fight, Geoff decided to get himself another drink and met up with some other friends at another bar.

"At first I thought the terrorists were somehow related to the first incident," he said.

"I very quickly realised that they weren't because of the massive knives they had, and I saw the vests.

"I didn't know at the time that they weren't actually live, but it looked like they had suicide bombs strapped to them.

"There was panic.

"There was a commotion.

"Some people hid in booths, some people hid under the tables, some locked themselves in the toilets, some ran for the back.

"One of my friends however was routed to the spot and I knew I had to defend him."

Geoff then began to describe how he was attacked in detail.

Listen to Geoff's remarkable account in the video above.