Lord Lilley Forced To Backtrack Over Claims Anti-No Deal MPs Want To Overturn Brexit

30 August 2019, 08:13

A Conservative peer was forced to backtrack on his claims that all the MPs trying to block a no-deal Brexit are trying to stop Brexit completely.

As the backlash against Boris Johnson's plan to prorogue parliament continues, Lord Lilley told LBC that he hopes their plans to legislate against a no-deal Brexit fail.

Speaking to Tom Swarbrick, he said: "I hope they don't succeed because their attempt is to attempt to reverse and overthrow the decision of the British people in 2016, which was reinforced by the election in 2017."

Tom interjected: "Is it? I just thought they wanted to stop no-deal."

Lord Lilley insisted: "Well, the only people who want to stop no-deal want to stop us leaving at all."

Tom insisted that simply isn't true and the peer said: "Well... they say otherwise, but..."

The host then asked: "So you know more about what's in their hearts than they do?"

Tom Swarbrick held Lord Lilley to task
Tom Swarbrick held Lord Lilley to task. Picture: PA / LBC

Lord Lilley then had to backtrack, admitting: "That's a very good point. One shouldn't ever assume motives that one can't prove.

"Shall we say, for a lot of people, there wouldn't be a threat of this if it weren't for those people who want to reverse and revoke our decision to leave."

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