Labour MP Fumes At Theresa May: She Is Lying To Us

21 March 2019, 08:11 | Updated: 21 March 2019, 09:40

A Labour MP launched an extraordinary attack on Theresa May following last night's Downing Street statement in which she blamed MPs for the delay on Brexit.

The Prime Minister announced she would be requesting a short delay on Brexit until the end of June and urged MPs to get behind her deal to ensure Brexit.

That infuriated Dame Margaret Beckett and she didn't hold back when speaking to Tom Swarbrick on LBC last night.

Asked her opinion on the Prime Minister's statement, Dame Margaret said: "Utter despicable. Contemptible.

"That woman has wasted weeks and weeks and weeks, delaying decisions that she thought might go against her and then she blames other people for delay.

"I have never been more outraged by the behaviour of any Prime Minister.

"She lied to people. She said the delay was all the fault of MPs being self-indulgent. No, it was MPs trying to do their proper job of questioning whether what the government is doing is what people want, whether it gives them what they want, whether it's right, whether it's good for the country.

"The Prime Minister lied to people tonight. Saying MPs were self-indulgent. How dare she. How dare she!

Dame Margaret Beckett didn't hold back when speaking to Tom Swarbrick
Dame Margaret Beckett didn't hold back when speaking to Tom Swarbrick. Picture: PA / LBC

"She wasted at least five weeks just over Christmas and that's because she panicked, she dithered. She could see she wasn't going to win a vote. Was she going to try and get people to come along with her? Oh no, she's above that, she's too arrogant for that.

"Her behaviour is absolutely outrageous and utterly undemocratic.

"To see her standing there in front of that thing in Downing Street and pontificating as she did and saying that people will not hold politics in respect. She deserves no respect at all."