Tom Swarbrick Lost For Words By Massive Brexit Row Between Two Impassioned Callers

23 October 2018, 11:10 | Updated: 23 October 2018, 11:13

Tom Swarbrick couldn't get a word in as a massive argument between two callers on Brexit took an unexpected turn.

Tony wasn't happy with a previous call, in which an angry Adam demanded the Conservatives "get rid of that useless woman" and replace Theresa May.

But when Tony suggested he didn't know what he voted for, Adam called back to make a correction.

"Listen to my words wisely," Adam said.

"Listen to me young man, I knew exactly what I voted for. Let me put you straight on a few things, I want to get out of the European Union and the Customs Union and everything that goes with it.

"You've got the audacity to sit there on your high horse and judge me - you don't even know me!"

But when Tony asked what experience Adam had of international trade, he made this mic-drop statement.

"Since I left university, I did a degree in banking and finance, I worked for RBS and the foreign exchange markets and currencies," Adam said.

"I know about money markets and how money moves and how business is done, Sir!

"So don't try to belittle me with your stupid ignorant statements!"

As the pair began shouting at each other, they began making references to the Falklands War - leaving Tom Swarbrick lost for words.