"Is There A Plan B?" Minister Can't Say What Will Happen If May Loses Customs Vote

10 June 2018, 15:25 | Updated: 10 June 2018, 15:27

The minister for housing wasn't able to tell Tom whether the government has a 'plan B' should Theresa May lose the customs vote in the House of Commons.

The EU Withdrawal Bill returns to the Commons, and one of the key votes will be whether Parliament gives provisions for the UK to keep a trade agreement with Europe.

Dominic Raab told Tom Swarbrick repeatedly that he believes the vote will go the way the Prime Minister wants, which will go a long way in passing the Brexit legislation.

"There'll be some compromises and flexibility, but we'll get this bill through," he said.

Tom asked: "What's plan B if the votes don't go your way?"

"I wouldn't like to speculate, but I'm confident it will," the minister replied.

"Obviously ultimately the House of Commons and Parliament is in charge of the laws of the land.

"I'm pretty confident that common sense will prevail," adding with confidence: "we'll get this through."

The minister said that he did not think that losing one or two votes would "scupper the whole process" but warned that it "would make it more complicated."

"If you want to put the country first, you'll vote with the government to get this legislation through."