NHS is compromised because of public selfishness claims health worker

3 March 2020, 11:34 | Updated: 3 March 2020, 12:41

By Seán Hickey

Public hysteria around coronavirus has resulted in the health service being compromised according to the revelations of an NHS employee.

Tom Swarbrick was taking calls on how the public are coping with the spread of the disease and the rolling coverage of the spread.

Ron called in to give his unique view on coronavirus as an ambulance driver and how his work has gifted him with a higher ground on the spread of the disease.

The caller gave an account of how people are making the spread of the virus easier by panicking over the potential for an epidemic.

"You go into A&E and they're all coughing and spluttering" he said. Of course A&E departments are especially prone to disease taking hold and when people suspect they're afflicted with the virus they, instead of self-isolating, are going to hospitals and contributing to the spread.

The ambulance driver claimed the public are being selfish
The ambulance driver claimed the public are being selfish. Picture: PA

Ron shared a story of his most recent experience with the panic when he had to bring home a person who suspected to have coronavirus, but it was in fact a false alarm.

"The damage is already done" Ron stated, he didn't only mean the damage to be from the patient's visit to A&E but also because "that ambulance had to come off the road" as a precaution. He revealed that the NHS' reserve of ambulance is already stretched and "it is the selfishness of the people going to A&E" that will result in the public being served less effectively in the event of a pandemic.

The ambulance driver shared the feeling of people within the NHS, mentioning the worry about a potential spread within hospitals. "Today alone there's been about 30 outbreaks" claimed Ron, while also silencing such claims, stating "it's sheer panic" from healthcare workers.