NHS nurse's extremely moving reaction to Clap for our Carers

27 March 2020, 11:59

By Fiona Jones

This is a frontline nurse's profound words on what life is like tackling the pandemic after she was moved to tears by the Clap for our Carers initiative.

Sarah said as people stood on their doorsteps and clapped for the NHS she felt overwhelmed.

"I feel proud of myself...but I feel most proud for my friends and my colleagues that I stand beside every day and every night," Sarah said

"Every day and every shift the stories are horrendous and people are working on the edge for lots of different reasons."

She told Tom that on her doorstep she shed tears of fear for her colleagues, tears of joy at the appreciation she received and tears for the 40 years in the health service she had felt unappreciated.

Sarah's daughter is also an NHS worker and the pair FaceTimed each other during the Clap for our Carers initiative to share the moving moment together.

Sarah said that life is a "whirlwind" for healthcare workers as they are trying to write the rulebook as they go and have to persevere while there is media scrutiny "in the background."

When she goes to work she tries not to think about the bigger picture and just keeps going, she said.

"I felt tonight gave me time to step back and think," said Sarah.