Nigerian Caller’s Very Powerful Defence Of Police Stop And Search

12 November 2018, 13:34

This caller, originally from Nigeria, almost reduced himself to tears as he delivered an incredibly moving defence of the police and their use of stop and search.

Kevin, who now lives in Tottenham, backed Trevor Phillips, the former chairman of the Equality and Human Rights Commission, who claimed police officers should be exempt from race discrimination laws in order to target black youths in high crime areas.

Mr Phillips said that "white liberals" needed to come to terms with the truth that the wave of knife crime is black children killing black children.

And Kevin agreed.

The caller on stop and search moved LBC listeners
The caller on stop and search moved LBC listeners. Picture: LBC/PA

“What would I rather have? To be patted down by a policeman or be lying on a cold slab in the morgue?” He boomed.

“Or my son, who goes to school, who travels alone of the bus, what would I rather have? A group of kids, just because of his sneakers, are ready to knife him to death?

“What are we saying here? Can’t people just be real - the five killings within six days last week - four of the names are Nigerian names.

“They’re Nigerian children, their names are Nigerian names - what are we saying here?

“The deaths are getting out of hand and they’re saying unshackle those within society who have the power to stem this tide and [people are] saying racism?”