Sovereignty rhetoric in Brexit talks 'pathetic,' asserts EU Vice President

20 December 2020, 12:46

By Seán Hickey

The European Parliament Vice President believes that rhetoric around sovereignty coming from the UK in Brexit talks is pathetic.

"I understand that the EU has no...sovereignty over the coastal waters of the UK but it's still about market access and a fair transition," Heidi Hautala began.

The Green MEP for Helsinki told Tom Swarbrick that transnational cooperation is vital in the future and talk of sovereignty from UK negotiators is seemingly isolationist.

"I think it gets lost in translation in the modern world to talk about sovereignty," Ms Hautala told Tom.

"I think the closer to the Brexit date...we get, the more often we hear sovereignty but from the EU point of view, come on, this is a world where we need transnational cooperation."

"I find it totally pathetic to continue to speak about sovereignty in the modern world," the European Parliament VP insisted, arguing "you have to pool your sovereignties in the modern world."

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She added that MEPs are in "quite a difficult corner" during Brexit talks because of the uncertainty around the deal.

However, Ms Hautala had the utmost confidence in the skills of the EU's chief negotiator: "If Barnier comes back with a fair deal we start tomorrow morning to look at it."

Tom wondered if there could be a chance the EU will "scupper" a deal when and if Michel Barnier presents one.

"We don't have UKIP members anymore so that's a bit of relief in this question," the Vice President joked.

"We will do everything to make sure there is a deal and it will be ratified by the end of the year or there will be special arrangements," she assured Tom.