Police officer fumes at "obnoxious minority" who flout coronavirus lockdown rules

10 April 2020, 12:25

A frustrated police officer told LBC that a "minority of obnoxious people" are breaking the coronavirus lockdown rules and the government need to be clearer on the powers officers have.

There have been a series of high-profile incidents in which police have had to clear street parties, with Greater Manchester Police revealing they closed down over 500 house and street parties last weekend.

But other incidents have shown the police to be over-zealous, such as this police officer who told a man he couldn't even play with his kids in his own front garden.

John in Kingston is currently self-isolating after getting symptoms and feels his colleagues need more help from the authorities.

Police ask a man to stop playing tennis during the lockdown
Police ask a man to stop playing tennis during the lockdown. Picture: PA

Speaking to Tom Swarbrick, he said: "I feel helpless, I'm stuck at home without being able to go out and do my duty which is what I signed up to do.

"My colleagues are out there, appealing to the best nature of people and a lot of time, it's taken in good spirits.

"However, there are a few people who are trying to find loopholes in the law and are being completely obnoxious towards my colleagues.

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"A lot of stuff in the government guidelines and the powers they've given to the police are open to interpretation. The government need to give a black-and-white power, saying these are the rules and if you step outside these rules, they will be able to be enforced.

"Unfortunately, when you come across this minority of obnoxious people who flout the system and try to be clever, my colleagues are having to use other rules like anti-social behaviour powers."