"I'm reeling": Emotional caller reacts to being one of 1.5m forced to stay inside for 12 weeks

23 March 2020, 08:38 | Updated: 23 March 2020, 11:37

By Adrian Sherling

This caller broke down in tears as she told how she was "reeling" by the government's rule that vulnerable people must remain in their houses for 12 weeks.

Yesterday, Boris Johnson announced that 1.5 million of the most at-risk people must self-isolate for 12 weeks to protect themselves from the coronavirus outbreak.

45-year-old Fiona is one of those 1.5 million because she is immuno-suppressed.

She told Tom Swarbrick: "I'm absolutely reeling and trying to come to terms with what I've got to do.

"I'm normally very mobile. I've got a car and I'm always out and about, seeing my friends and family."

Tom Swarbrick heard from one of the 1.5m told to stay at home
Tom Swarbrick heard from one of the 1.5m told to stay at home. Picture: LBC / PA

When Tom asked how she was facing up to the next three months, it brought her to tears: "I'm trying to hold it together really. I want to be able to talk to you all and send a message to people in my position.

"It's really hard. This has knocked me for six."

The full call is a must-listen. Listen at the top of the page.