Row Sparked As Caller Claims Concerns Over London Crime Are “Over-Exaggerated”

25 January 2019, 11:42

An angry man dismissed callers’ concerns about London crime as “scaremongering” - despite one woman telling him she moved out of the capital because she was scared.

Keith from Wembley told Sarah that her decision to leave London was “over-exaggerated”.

The row was triggered as new crime stats showed a 19% rise in violent crime in England and Wales in 12 months.

The number of homicides rose by 14% in the year to the end of September 2018.

Tom Swarbrick, Keith and Sarah clashed over London crime
Tom Swarbrick, Keith and Sarah clashed over London crime. Picture: LBC

Keith phoned Tom Swarbrick because he wasn’t happy with the way London crime was being discussed.

“Are you saying that the whole of London is scared of coming out of their houses?” Keith asked Tom.

As the pair clashed - Sarah phoned in, who told Keith: “I left London because crime was so bad.”

And after telling her story, Keith wasn’t having any of it.

He replied: “Sarah, Tom, listen both of you have over-exaggerated your positions.”

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