Sir Michael Fallon Explains Why He Believes Air Strikes Were Justified

15 April 2018, 08:41

The former Defence Secretary made it clear he was in full support of the airstrikes in Syria, adding that if they didn't happen more chemical attacks would happen.

The UK, US and France launched a joint airstrike at Syrian regime infrastructure on Friday night.

The strikes have brought a mixed response amongst MPs, with some criticising Theresa May's decision to launch the attack without a prior vote in parliament.

Sir Michael Fallon told Tom Swarbrick he thought it was "very important the world stands up when chemical weapons are used" and that "we need to take action to stop them."

"They are war crimes," he said.

"They're crimes against humanity.

"They're completely illegal.

Sir Fallon said that the UK should continue taking action "until we're absolutely certain" the chemical stocks have been destroyed, and the regime isn't going to use them again.

"We hoped that would have happened after last year's strike but clearly he has been using them again and that's why this action is thoroughly justified.

"If we hadn't had the strike, we would have more chemical attacks in the future."