Snow: Manager Of Jamaica Inn Hosted Over 100 Stranded Motorists

1 February 2019, 09:28 | Updated: 1 February 2019, 09:35

The manager of a pub that hosted over 100 stranded motorists last night told LBC their guests included an eight-month-old baby.

People swarmed to the Jamaica Inn in Bodmin Moor, Cornwall when the A30 was shut because of the heavy snow in the area.

And Manager Sammy Wheeler explained that after her hotel was full, she cleared the restaurant and even the bar to fit in as many camp beds as he could.

People sleep in the bar at the Jamaica Inn
People sleep in the bar at the Jamaica Inn. Picture: Jamaica Inn

Speaking to Tom Swarbrick, she said: "We've got everybody and anyone turning up at the moment. We've made beds in our restaurant area out of spare beds and strangers are becoming good friends.

"These people are all stuck in transit. The A30 has been closed for some time. They haven't been moving for seven hours and wanted to get inside, especially as their fuel is running low.

"We've got 100+ people at the moment with more coming and we're getting blankets for everybody.

"The hotel is full, I've turned the restaurant lounge into another five beds. I've cleared lower restaurant area and got all the Z-beds and spare mattresses in there - there's another 12 beds in there. Now people are starting to sleep in the bar."