Swarbrick On Sunday | Watch in Full

3 January 2021, 08:31 | Updated: 3 January 2021, 15:26

By Seán Hickey

You can watch this week's Swarbrick on Sunday in full here.

Chair of the London Ambulance Service Garrett Emmerson spoke to Tom about how the service is coping with a surge in Covid cases, revealing London ambulances are under serious pressure.

While International Trade Secretary Liz Truss stood behind Education Secretary Gavin Williamson, Shadow Schools Minister Wes Streeting and Brighton Council leader Hannah Clare insisted that schools should close to stop the spread of Covid-19.

Professor Beate Kampmann of the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine suggested that the decision to delay second doses of the Pfizer vaccine should be contested by experts and the public.

In a harrowing interview, coronavirus survivor Anabel Sharma spoke about how she accompanied her mother in her final moments with the disease in ICU.

Acting Liverpool Mayor Cllr Wendy Simon called for another national lockdown and says the Council wants to react to a rise in Covid cases "now rather than at crisis point."

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