Knife Crime Crisis: Tearful Caller Tells Of Pain After Her Son Was Stabbed To Death

6 March 2019, 07:53 | Updated: 6 March 2019, 08:00

This is the heartbreaking moment a mum broke down in tears live on LBC as she discussed life after her son was murdered.

Anne called in to Tom Swarbrick's show as he was discussing the knife crime crisis which is sweeping through Britain.

Her son Ian Wilson was killed as he tried to defend a girl in his flat in Clacton in 2007. Two of the three people convicted over the killing have already been released from jail.

Anne couldn't hold back the tears as she told LBC the pain of losing your son to knife crime never goes away. She said: "12 years on and it's still as raw as it was then.

"People say they can imagine what we go through, but no one knows. It's something you don't get over at all.

Tom Swarbrick listening to Anne's emotional call
Tom Swarbrick listening to Anne's emotional call. Picture: PA / LBC

"The pain that comes across you when you see these families, these people who it is happening to now. Something's got to be done.

"You live through hell. You don't know how you're going to live your life. At the time, you think you don't even want to be here.

"Until it's happened to you, you just don't know."

Sajid Javid will hold talks with leaders from seven of the police forces most affected by violent crime, following a spate of teenage stabbings.