Frontline healthcare worker forced to isolate by 'overkill' system can't understand why

22 June 2021, 17:10 | Updated: 22 June 2021, 18:54

EJ Ward

By EJ Ward

This NHS nurse forced to self-isolate over a 'low risk' encounter has branded the system 'overkill.'

Tim, a frontline healthcare worker from Leeds called LBC's Tom Swarbick and said he was baffled why he was having to self-isolate.

The caller revealed it wasn't just him having to isolate, it was also his partner and their housemate, and all three of them work for the NHS.

"We know who the contact was, it was outdoors, it was at a BBQ all outside, no real super close contact and we've all been pinged twice. All three of us are young, fit and healthy men in our twenties, and we've all been double vaccinated."

He said it meant three people had been taken out of frontline care, an industry that is "constantly short" of staff.

"It's overkill," the nurse said as he told LBC he'd be happy to get tested every day if it meant he could go to work.

Tom said he was "slightly lost for words" as he questioned the caller on his circumstances.

"Let him out," Tom said, "you've been double vaccinated and you tested negative since you've been pinged."

"It's just overkill, it's a disproportionate response that doesn't make any sense now."

The conversation comes after England pair Mason Mount and Ben Chilwell are likely to be isolating because of a judgement call over what constitutes close contact, a coronavirus test specialist has said.

Mount and Chilwell will miss England's final Euro 2020 group match against the Czech Republic on Tuesday and quarantine until next Monday after being identified as close contacts of Scotland's Billy Gilmour.

Scotland midfielder Gilmour, it emerged on Monday, has tested positive for Covid-19.

The three players are all team-mates at Chelsea and were seen talking together after the goalless draw between the two countries at Wembley last Friday.