Shadow Transport Secretary: Thameslink Boss Right To Resign, But Chris Grayling Must Go Too

16 June 2018, 19:17

The shadow transport secretary insists his government counterpart Chris Grayling must bear responsibility for the chaos facing commuters as a result of new train timetables.

Andy McDonald says his government counterpart should follow the Thameslink boss and resign his position following the chaos that amounted after the introduction of new rail timetables.

The shadow transport secretary said it was "absolutely right" for Charles Horton to resign as the head of Govia Thameslink Railway (GTR), which runs services Thameslink, Southern and Great Northern.

In his resignation, Mr Horton said: "I recognise that passengers have been hugely frustrated at the significant disruption caused by the introduction of new timetables."It is the right time to hand leadership of GTR to a new pair of hands."

The company said that Mr Horton will remain in his role for a short time to oversee the development of a temporary timetable.

Andy McDonald said: "He's not only the only person who has to bear responsibility, the bulk of that rests with Chris Grayling.

"He's relied upon assurances without making sure he was in possession of all the information.

"You can not just flick a switch and re-timetable.

"This has been totally chaotic, and people haven't met their responsibilities.

"And the secretary of state should resign, but I don't think for one minute he will."