The Most Civil Row On Trump's UK Visit

14 July 2018, 11:27

As thousands march in protest of Donald Trump, two callers managed to conduct the most civil argument on the US President's visit to the UK.

Simon and Nathan strongly disagreed with each other, but instead of shouting and protesting, managed to hold a civil conversation about their differences of opinion.

Nathan told Tom Swarbrick that while he is not against Trump's visit, he does believe "Trump has crossed a line."

"Some aspects of his behaviour are completely unacceptable and we ought to make that clear," he said.

"What behaviour did Trump exhibit that was unacceptable?" Simon asked.

But before Nathan answered, he greeted Simon properly.

"Hi Simon, I hope you're well."

Simon replied: "I'm very well, thank you. You too."

Nathan thanks his opposer, before recalling examples to back his point.

The exchange left Tom pleasantly surprised, and the pair needed no help getting back to point on their debate.

Donald Trump disembarks Air Force One in Scotland
Donald Trump disembarks Air Force One in Scotland. Picture: PA

Hundreds of thousands of people joined demonstrations across London, as the President met with Theresa May and the Queen.

He has since travelled to Scotland with the First Lady Melania Trump to play golf at his Turnberry resort.

President Trump will leave the UK on Sunday evening, where he will head to Finland to meet with Russian leader Vladimir Putin.