"They Can't Even Go Into McDonald's." Tearful Youth Worker On Rising London Crime

5 April 2018, 12:14 | Updated: 28 May 2018, 11:20

A youth worker, who described recent murders as "the last straw," stated the government are giving money to the wrong youth organisations that do not benefit young people.

A tearful caller complained how crime in her community has lead to security being needed in McDonalds. She described as the government and the London Mayor are just "ticking boxes" when they donate to large youth organisations and charities.

She stated how there are smaller community based grassroots campaigns that have a much better understanding of young people and community issues.

"The government and Sadiq Khan just give money to all the big organisations."

"Give the grassroots the organisations that know these young people money."

Tom Swarbrick in LBC studio
Picture: LBC

She complained about Police being cut, saying they don't have the manpower to deal with the issues, and stated how the closure of a youth centre which promoted educational activities such as anti-gun and knife crime workshops has meant young people are turning to crime again.

"They would enjoy doing things like normal young people, but now they're on the street loitering."

The caller ended the Desperate plea to all listeners, stating she is being ignored everwhere.

"Anybody out there listening. Please get in contact. Enough is enough. No more!"