Tom Swarbrick Highlights What Extinction Rebellion Campaigns Are Missing: Optimism

11 October 2019, 00:21 | Updated: 11 October 2019, 07:13

This was the moment when Tom Swarbrick explained the key thing Extinction Rebellion have missing in their protests - optimism.

Jacob called in to Tom's LBC show while sat in his self-driving car in Southampton, to explain how the campaign group's work had led him to research his own environmental impact and do something about it.

An Extinction Rebellion banner in London's Trafalgar Square warns about a "burning Earth"
An Extinction Rebellion banner in London's Trafalgar Square. Picture: PA

Hearing Jacob's story left Tom feeling angry that XR have failed to inject any optimism about new technologies which can help us be greener into their message, instead focusing on threats of destruction and desperation.

More to follow...