Tom Swarbrick Schools Doctor Who Says Government Are Ending Free NHS

27 June 2019, 07:40

When this GP said that ending health tourism is the first part of the government plan to stop the NHS being free, Tom Swarbrick had a few facts for him.

Dr Bob Gill insisted that the government want to privatise the NHS by stealth, but Tom accused him of spreading conspiracy theories.

The doctor said: "This is a distraction from what is really going on. What's really going on is that the government has to introduce a charging infrastructure.

"They want to get a charging infrastructure in and this charging infrastructure will be expanded in due course to everyone."

But Tom told him: "Oh come on! You're not saying this is the start of the floodgates opening on the NHS being free at the point of use being removed?

"In the time I spent sitting in cabinet meetings listening to discussions on the NHS, there was never ever ever a moment where somebody made the point that actually the NHS free at the point of use is something that they want to do away with.

"If any political party suggested removing the principle of NHS free at the point of delivery, they would be wiped away by the electorate. It ain't going to happen."

Tom Swarbrick can't believe what he's hearing from this doctor
Tom Swarbrick can't believe what he's hearing from this doctor. Picture: LBC

Dr Gill responded: "That's exactly why they're not telling us. It's had to be done by stealth."

That led Tom to tell him: "If they were going to say it, they would be saying it in closed door meetings.

"This is conspiracy theory stuff."

Watch the entertaining row in the video at the top of the page.