Tom Swarbrick labels this caller the "most frustrating call ever"

17 January 2020, 11:45 | Updated: 17 January 2020, 11:55

Tom Swarbrick labels this caller the "most frustrating call he's ever taken" and here's why.

The caller Andrew from Ireland insisted that abortion was a 50/50 choice and a man's choice for a woman to have a baby is as equal to her own.

"If I decide that I want my wife to have a child and she decides she doesn't want to have that child, I have ultimately no right to tell her what to do with her body," said Tom.

"You're wrong," Andrew said.

Tom asked Andrew if he'd hold the woman down, force her to eat the pill that kills the baby and perform the operation that removes the child yourself.

Andrew replied that if the pair had sex without a contraceptive element, then they both are equally responsible thus get equal choice; he then shared that his wife had had an abortion due to economic reasons.

"Did you make the same decision about having the child?" asked Tom, and Andrew said that they did and listed their reasons.

Pro-choice protesters fighting for the right to be autonomous
Pro-choice protesters fighting for the right to be autonomous. Picture: PA

Tom pointed out that the caller hadn't answered his hypothetical question and he repeatedly interrupted Tom: "you disagree with your wife about the termination of the child, the woman decides that she is going to have the child, you decide you want the child terminated, what happens next?"

Tom pushed Andrew to answer what would ultimately happen as the caller kept obfuscating and stalling to which Tom sighed, "This is literally like pulling teeth."

Tom said clearly, "You cannot force a woman to terminate a child."

"You're joking me," said Andrew and referenced China and Eastern Europe where it allegedly occurs.

Tom called this an "aberration" and asked if Andrew was proposing a doctor hold a woman down, sedate her and remove the foetus if she wanted the child but the male in the relationship didn't.

Tom was speechless while Andrew kept interrupting Tom to list places that force women to abort pregnancies.

"Do you think that's the right way to act?" Tom asked the caller, who said it was "complicated".

"Can you carry a baby to full term?" asked Tom, to which Andrew said no, "there you go. That's the end of it. Because you can't carry a baby to full term, you don't get ultimately to decide what happens to an unborn foetus inside your body. End of."