Trump Advisor Roger Stone Insists Emails For Assange Prove He's Innocent

25 May 2018, 07:50 | Updated: 25 May 2018, 07:55

Roger Stone told LBC that the leaked emails of him asking for information about Hillary Clinton from Julian Assange prove that he's innocent.

The Wall Street Journal reported that the former Donald Trump campaign adviser privately sought damaging information on Ms Clinton from the WikiLeaks founder during the 2016 presidential campaign.

Robert Mueller, the man charged with investigating Trump's links with Russia, has been investigating Stone's links with Assange.

And in an exclusive interview with LBC, Mr Stone, one of Trump's closest confidants, said the story actually proves that he's innocent.

Speaking to Tom Swarbrick, he said: "This email proves that everything I've been saying is true.

"Randy Credico, the New York radio personality, who by September at that point, had interviewed Assange and met with him privately, was my backchannel of information, by which I said that he confirmed Assange's claim on CNN in June that he would drop a motherload of documents in February was accurate before I reported it.

"These new documents, which the Wall Street Journal failed to point out in September, after the period that I told the House Committee under oath that Mr Credico was the backchannel. I later supplied his name to the committee at the request of the Republican members.

Tom Swarbrick spoke to Roger Stone
Tom Swarbrick spoke to Roger Stone. Picture: LBC / PA

"These documents exonerate that everything I've said is true.

"Asking an intermediary to get information from Assange is precisely what journalists do."

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