"Trump is worse than a racist," his former communications chief tells LBC

30 June 2020, 21:12

By Fiona Jones

Former communications chief to the President Anthony Scaramucci explains to Tom Swarbrick why Donald Trump is not only a racist but "worse than a racist."

The President received criticism after tweeting a video featuring a Trump supporter shouting, “White power! White power!”

He has since deleted the tweet and the White House has stated he did not hear the racist language in the video before sharing it with his platform.

"He knows that that said white power," said Mr Scaramucci, explaining his sharing then deletion had "enough fodder in there for everyone."

"That was 100% intentional, he knows his one move to re-win the Presidency is to get the white demographic voter to participate at a higher rate than they did in 2016," Mr Scaramucci said, clarifying that while Mr Trump has 100% of the "white racist vote" he also had 62% of the white vote last time.

This stunt was to encourage the white people who didn't vote to come out and vote for him and "of course" the White House are lying in their excuse for his behaviour, Mr Scaramucci said.

Mr Scaramucci told Tom Swarbrick the President is a "full-blown narcissist"
Mr Scaramucci told Tom Swarbrick the President is a "full-blown narcissist". Picture: PA/LBC

Anthony Scaramucci was President Trump's media surrogate for 11 days and attested that he never lied for him.

"I think a learning lesson for everybody, I think a global lesson, when you have a mad man for a leader, stick to your principles. Many people didn't do that throughout history and then those mad men leaders were able to do very destructive things. So you've got to have some level of personal integrity," Mr Scaramucci.

Tom asked Mr Scaramucci if he thought the President was a racist.

Mr Scaramucci replied, "I absolutely think he is a racist, he's obviously a racist, but he's actually worse than a racist. He's another type of 'ist', he's such a full-blown narcissist that he objectifies people.

"People are just another item in his field of vision. You could say that he's not a racist in the following respect that you can't be racist against a black or a white car. If they're in you driveway you don't kick a black car.

"When it suits him he's racist, if it suits him to pardon an African-American mother and release her from prison and he's going to score political points, he'll do that as well."

He concluded, "If the racists think you're a racist, you're a racist."