England cricketer puts faith in government allowing sport to continue

12 May 2020, 20:36 | Updated: 12 May 2020, 20:42

By Seán Hickey

This World Cup winning cricketer addressed plans to reopen the world of sport and put his faith in the government and his doctors.

Mark Wood was speaking to Tom Swarbrick about the potential of tests against the West Indies and Pakistan going ahead and what it may mean for his family life.

"We read today there may be plans to quarantine the England team during that series" Tom began. He put it to Mr Wood that "you could go months without seeing your family" and asked for the World Cup winner would he agree to shutting himself off from his family for months on end if he was selected for the team under such conditions.

The cricketer brushed off the question of him being emotionally affected by such a policy, telling Tom that "we're used to being together as a team" for months on end as the team plays across the globe.

Tom wanted to know if the government had confirmed the policies to go ahead, would he feel safe potentially putting himself at risk of catching coronavirus while on tour.

Mr Woods stumbled, being completely on the fence in his response. He went on to say that he puts "a lot of trust in the team doctor" and if he saw it fit for the team to carry on and vouched for their safety, he would carry on.

Mark Wood told Tom he would be happy to listen to the advice of the government on sport
Mark Wood told Tom he would be happy to listen to the advice of the government on sport. Picture: PA

"I would trust what he says" Mark Wood said of the England team doctor. He added that although he puts his own safety in the hands of the team doctor, "you do worry for the safety of your family." He admitted if he was to carry on playing and putting himself at risk with the team, he'd be reluctant to return home until well after quarantine.

"You've got to listen to the government advice" he added, confirming his trust in the plans of Boris Johnson.

He told Tom that in the event that his team doctor and the government had opposing views, Mr Wood said that he was sure his doctor would "make the right call."

"So long as everybody is safe then it'll be a big plus" the cricketer added, reminding Tom that the bottom line for him as a sportsman is to play as often as possible.

Mark Wood spoke to Tom Swarbrick in advance of the release of "The Nightingales’ Song", a new children's ebook where he lends his voice as a reader.

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