Ukip Founder Says Queen Should Refuse To Sign Bills That Stop Brexit

24 January 2019, 08:28

The founder of Ukip told LBC that the Queen should refuse to sign any bills which delay or stop Brexit.

Yvette Cooper has tabled an amendment to the meaningful vote that would guarantee MPs have time to come up with their own “plan B” if the Prime Minister fails.

That would mean MPs would vote to delay or revoke Article 50 if the government's policy can't get through parliament.

But Professor Alan Sked told Tom Swarbrick that the Queen should step in to ensure that the result of the referendum is delivered.

He said: "Thanks to the Speaker, we've had a constitutional coup d'etat in the Commons. The speaker has torn up all parliamentary precedent and now, with the Labour Party, MP Yvette Cooper and others is trying another constitutional coup.

"The last person to veto legislation in parliament is Queen Anne and John Bercow thinks that he's Queen Anne volume two and can veto not just an act of Parliament, but a referendum result.

"It's outrageous, this is constitutional mayhem.

Tom Swarbrick refereed a discussion between Alan Sked and Seb Dance
Tom Swarbrick refereed a discussion between Alan Sked and Seb Dance. Picture: LBC / PA

"The only way to sort out this constitutional coup d'etat with the speaker and his allies is probably close parliament, otherwise advise the Queen not to give her assent to any of this rubbish."

But Labour MEP Seb Dance had a snappy response to what he heard: "Is that supposed to be democracy? Take back control via the Queen!"