Arlene Foster accuses Boris Johnson of broken promises over Brexit deal

24 January 2021, 12:57

By Seán Hickey

The Northern Irish First Minister believes the PM has let down the nation for agreeing to the NI protocol in the Brexit deal.

Arlene Foster began by telling Tom Swarbrick that Brexit "was about taking our place on a global stage and not to be constrained within the European Union." Tom argued that this wasn't the outcome for Northern Ireland.

"Northern Ireland's is an odd place, isn't it, because you are constrained by the European Union," he teased.

"The disappointment for those of us who believe in Brexit is because of the deal – which the Prime Minister did around the Northern Ireland protocol – means that we are treated differently and that is wrong."

"We now have to work to try and deal with that," she insisted.

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Tom prodded the NI First Minister: "He threw you under the bus, didn't he," he asked.

"We certainly kept our promises to our people," Ms Foster said, "but unfortunately for the Prime minister that's a different matter and of course we're very disappointed with that."

"What we now have to do is protect Northern Ireland within the UK and try to deal with the difficulties which the protocol has presented."