Grant Shapps to strike deal with EU over vaccine passport recognition 'within weeks'

9 July 2021, 08:24

EJ Ward

By EJ Ward

Tom Swarbrick questioned Transport Secretary Grant Shapps asking why British nationals who have received a Covid jab in a foreign country would still be treated as unvaccinated travellers.

After an LBC listener called Tom to ask why he would still have to quarantine even though he had been jabbed in France with Moderna, the question was put directly to the minister responsible.

Grant Shapps explained from July 19 quarantine will not be needed and all fully vaccinated travellers will be compelled to do is "take a day two test."

However, he revealed currently the NHS app was not able to recognise jabs that have taken place in other countries.

Mr Shapps revealed there was a plan in place to recognise vaccinations from other countries.

But, he warned some countries were proving harder than others to work with.

Citing the United States as an example the Transport Secretary explained each state has its own vaccine passport, meaning there are 50 versions to integrate.

However, Mr Shapps said that a deal with the EU was looming, and he expected it to take place "within weeks".

Yesterday in the Commons Mr Shapps confirmed fully vaccinated adults and all children will no longer have to quarantine on their return from amber list countries from 19 July.

Making a statement on international travel in the Commons, the Transport Secretary said those who have received two jabs and those aged under 18 will no longer have to self-isolate for 10 days after their return to England - but will still have to take a PCR test on their second day back.

But, Downing Street later confirmed that the exemption to quarantine for holidaymakers returning from amber list nations will only apply to those who have been vaccinated by the NHS.

"It does need to be a vaccine administered through the NHS rollout so you would need to have received your vaccine through the NHS rather than in a different country," the prime minister's official spokesperson said.