Cycle Death Widower On Why 19th Century "Archaic" Law Needs Overhaul

12 August 2018, 08:04

The widower of a mother of two killed when she was knocked over by a cyclist explains why "archaic" laws originally designed for horse-riders need modernising.

Matt Briggs says that it was an "archaic" law originally designed for horse-riders that was used in court against the cyclist who killed his wife.

Kim was knocked down by a cyclist who was travelling at 18mph on a fixed-wheel bike with no front brakes.

A man was jailed for 18 months after being found guilty of the Victorian offence of causing bodily harm by "wanton and furious driving".

Mr Briggs told Tom Swarbrick that the results of dangerous cycling is the same as those from dangerous driving.

He said: "The outcome if somebody is seriously injured or killed is exactly the same for people they leave behind".