Tom Swarbrick on why Boris Johnson's plane needs £900k update - having used it himself

18 June 2020, 08:57

Boris Johnson has come under fire for spending almost £1m on a redecoration of his Prime Ministerial aeroplane. But Tom Swarbrick told LBC why that money is very well spent.

The plane used by the Prime Minister and members of the royal family is being repainted in the colours of the Union flag to "better represent" the UK abroad at a cost of about £900,000.

Tom has been on the RAF Voyager a number of times from his time working at 10 Downing Street.

And speaking on his LBC show, he explained what it's like inside and why it really needs an upgrade.

Tom Swarbrick explained why the PM's plane does need to be upgraded
Tom Swarbrick explained why the PM's plane does need to be upgraded. Picture: PA / LBC

He said: "It's going to be a Union flag-inspired paint job for the RAF Voyager. It will have white livery and we're told a Union Jack tail fin, much like a BA plane.

"This thing will land at airports around the world carrying the Prime Minister, along with his team, officials, various journalists, delegates etc.

"They will be able to step off that plane knowing they've got something that makes Britain proud behind them.

"Because at the moment, it's a pretty drab affair. I say that because I've been on it quite a few times.

"Not only is the colour like a dirty RAF plane, inside is not befitting of what you would expect for the Prime Minister of the fifth-largest economy in the world - whoever he or she may be - to be in for possibly 12 hours.

"For example, it is very difficult to get information from the ground up to the aircraft. And for the Prime Minister to be unavailable to various members of the government for that period of time has caused problems in the past."

This morning on LBC, Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab insisted it was good value for money.