Tom Watson Admits His Reluctance To Extend Article 50

16 March 2019, 07:54 | Updated: 16 March 2019, 08:22

Tom Watson admits that he was reluctant to vote to extend Article 50 after Theresa May ran down the clock on the UK's exit from Europe.

The deputy Labour leader said he believes that despite many warnings, the UK now faces a "chaotic exit" from the European Union.

Speaking on his LBC show, Tom Watson said: "I voted to extend Article 50 this week and I did it reluctantly because, as has been warned many times, Theresa May has been running down the clock and we now face a chaotic exit from the European Union at the end of the month."

And in direct reference to the Prime Minister's withdrawal agreement, he said: "How many times can Theresa May take no for an answer?"

Tom Watson in the LBC studio
Tom Watson in the LBC studio. Picture: LBC

The deputy Labour leaders' comments come after a turbulent week for British Politics, in which MPs rejected Theresa May's Brexit deal for the second time, whilst also rejecting both no-deal Brexit and the idea of holding a second referendum.

But as MPs voted to extend Article 50, Theresa May launched a bid to hold a third meaningful vote on her deal - saying that she would ask the EU for a short extension if her deal is passed, or face a longer extension and partaking in the European elections if rejected.

Tom Watson said: "It seems to me that unless there's subterfuge, she's going to lose again.

"And when does that start to become undemocratic?