NHS Will Be Stronger Post-Brexit Thanks To Money Boost: Health Secretary

6 January 2019, 15:00

The Health Secretary believes the NHS will be stronger after Brexit because of £20bn extra funding amid fears leaving the EU will see further decreases to staff levels.

Matt Hancock told Labour's deputy leader Tom Watson that a new 10-year plan for the NHS "is all about how that's going to be spent".

The plan, which will be unveiled officially on Monday, is set to include increases to the NHS workforce, improvements to technology, and better mental health care.

The spending plan was announced during the summer when £20bn was promised to the service.

Tom Watson and Matt Hancock
Tom Watson and Matt Hancock. Picture: LBC / PA

Speaking on LBC, the health secretary said that the NHS would be "stronger" after Brexit "not least because we're putting all this extra money into it".

"There's also huge opportunities from the next wave of technology in health care to make sure people can live longer and healthier lives."

But the shadow health secretary believes more can be done to help the health service, and salary caps imposed by the Home Office also contributes to the issue.

Jon Ashworth said: "What we shouldn't be doing is imposing a £30,000 salary cap on people coming in from the EU and elsewhere to work in our NHS."

"This is what Sajid Javid is looking at and I'm saying to him to put the NHS first, don't put your Tory leadership ambitions first".