"You Have To Hold Your Nose About The Antisemitism" Caller Tells Shelagh Fogarty

1 May 2019, 15:35 | Updated: 2 May 2019, 06:39

Nick told Shelagh he was "really disappointed" Corbyn didn't point out the obvious antisemitism within the pages of Hobson

Jeremy Corbyn's come under fire after it was revealed he wrote a foreword to a book which argues banks and newspapers are controlled by Jews.

Nick told Shelagh that he didn't think Corbyn thought that Hobson's antisemitism was as important as the analysis of the work contained within the book.

"Corbyn can over look it," Nick said when referring to the antisemitism contained within the book.

Shelagh did not look pleased at points during the call.
Shelagh did not look pleased at points during the call. Picture: LBC

"So, he's got a blindspot about Jews?" Shelagh asked

Nick replied saying he doesn't believe the Labour leader has a blindsport towards jews, but could have one about Labour history and where the movement comes form.

Nick, a self confessed nerd, goes on to say that the book is important for historians of the Labour movement, but, Nick said "you have to hold your nose about the antisemitism."