This Is How Farage Can Win Over Eurosceptic Poles  

15 April 2016, 10:37 | Updated: 15 September 2016, 15:37

Watch as a Polish caller tells Nigel Farage exactly what eurosceptics need to do to win the support of his countrymen who live in Britain.

The UKIP leader was taking calls from LBC listeners when Pavel told him where eurosceptics are scaring away support from Polish nationals.

"I'm Polish, I've been living here in the UK for nine years. I'm actually going to vote for Britain to leave the EU because I passionately hate it. I believe it should be destroyed," Pavel said.

"But I would like to ask you this question, What is going to happen to EU citizens living here in Britain? Will we have to reapply for some kind of leave to remain, job permit and so on?"

"Well Pavel, anyone who comes to this country legally, is here legally, and therefore of course, will be staying," Farage responded.

"But what we will do in the future is be much stricter about who can come, because one of the one of the problems Pavel is this, that we have opened up the doors to ten former communist countries, one of which is yours, and because so many of them have come, we have effectively closed the doors to people coming from New Zealand or India or other parts of the world with whom historically we have had very close links."

"So it won't be as easy, for people to do what you have done and come to the United Kingdom, and we will have a proper system in place, based upon the principles that Australia uses, that you will have to show us that you have a trade or skill you can bring, that you haven't got a criminal record and that you're prepared to pay for your own health insurance for the first few years."

But Pavel gave Farage some key advice for him to win over the backing of Eurosceptic poles in Britain.

"Well I'm just thinking that you should pitch that to the EU citizens, who live here in Britain, You should tell them what is going to happen because they are uncertainty may swing their vote, they may vote to stay in the EU because they will be uncertain of their future."