Caller Tells Sadiq Khan His Green Policy May Put Him Out Of Business

10 January 2019, 11:21

This caller told Sadiq Khan that his extended Ultra-Low Emission Zone may put him out of business.

Louis in New Cross told the Mayor of London that he owns a van hire business in New Cross with around 100 vans. Being inside the extended ULEZ means that every one of his vans would be subject to the charge.

That has halved the value of his fleet, making it impossible for him to upgrade his vans.

Speaking on Speak To Sadiq on LBC, Louis told the Mayor: "It's a tax on the poor, it's a tax on small business.

"The issue that I have is that this was rolled out insidiously. The consultation was kept so quiet. No one that I know in business was asked. The consultation was a complete farce.

"The vehicles that don't qualify almost halve in value and the ones that do are extremely expensive."

Sadiq Khan was taken to task over the Ultra-Low Emission Zone
Sadiq Khan was taken to task over the Ultra-Low Emission Zone. Picture: PA / LBC

After James O'Brien pointed out that's simply not fair, Mr Khan responded: "We had extensive consultation, with record numbers replying to the consultation.

"The concern over businesses like yours is why I've been lobbying the government for a diesel scrappage scheme. They've refused, so I've introduced our own diesel scrappage scheme, using monies from City Hall, which supports smaller businesses.

"It is the poorest Londoners who suffer the worst quality air. On average, 25% worse nitrogen dioxide and nitrogen oxide in the most deprived parts of London than in the most affluent parts.

"In addition to it being a public health emergency, it's also an economic case to clean up our city."

When James asked if his business is going to survive, Louis said: "I don't think so.

"I may do, but I'm not sure how and I think there needs to be some sort of help from the government or a stay of execution. This is not viable for small businesses."