James O'Brien clashes with Sadiq Khan over his Rory Stewart comments

13 February 2020, 12:11

James O'Brien told Sadiq Khan he sounded "spooked" after he made dismissive comments about Rory Stewart's chances of becoming Mayor of London.

Mr Stewart is running as an independent candidate for Mayor and has said he wants to get to know Londoners and their problems by sleeping on their floor for the night.

James asked Mayor Khan when Mr Stewart would be sleeping on his floor, but he dismissed it as a gimmick.

He said: "I know some people may not like this and it may make life dull for journalists, but the election on May 7th is a two-horse race between me and the official Tory candidate.

"There will be candidates who say or do or have or are gimmicky and outlandish..."

But James told him: "That's not fair.

"If I was spooked, that's what I'd say."

James O'Brien pushed Sadiq Khan about his comments on Rory Stewart
James O'Brien pushed Sadiq Khan about his comments on Rory Stewart. Picture: LBC

Mr Khan insisted: "Let's have a serious debate about the two people who could realistically become the Mayor on May 7th.

"I'm sorry if that means it's not as interesting for you as a journalist."

James then told him that's not right either - he's interested as a Londoner - and things started to get even more tetchy.

It ended with the Mayor making one campaign promise: "I can promise you this. If you vote for me, I promise not to want to come and sleep in your house."

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