This Is What Sadiq Will Do First For London

18 May 2016, 10:59 | Updated: 19 August 2016, 16:26

Sadiq Khan has told LBC what he will change about London in the first few months of being Mayor.

The Mayor of London was taking part in his first Speak To Sadiq show since winning the London Mayoral Election on 5th May.

Speaking to James O'Brien, he revealed his priorities for making improvements in the capital.

"I'm really pleased announce that from early next year we will have an additional 432 armed police officers in London keeping us safe from terrorist attacks."

"I was really pleased to announce last week that from September, we will have the hopper fare running. So two for one."

"I was really pleased to announce last week that we have the most far reaching consultation on air quality in a generation, 60 years after the clean air act."

"I'm hoping for good news hopefully when I come on your show to speak to Londoners in four months time." 

On Extremism      

Sadiq also set out what needs to be done to counter extremism amongst young British-Muslims.

"I think what we should be doing is enhancing the very best of London. I want promote positive role models who happen to be Muslim, so younger people have resilience."

“So when a charismatic preacher of hate, comes and says to them, 'you know what the west hates you, you know what, non-muslims don't like you,’ young people can say you are talking rubbish."

“My teachers work their socks off for me, they're not Muslims. I've got best mates who are Jews, Christians or Hindus. I work with colleagues who are from different faiths, or aren’t members of an organised faith.”

"Look at Zayn Malik, look at Nadiya Hussain, look at Mo Farah. They're British, they're Londoners, they're successful. They also happen to be Muslim."

“We have to counter the narrative of some of these charismatic preachers have. We have to work to integrate people into our society, we can't have silos in our society.”