Who Would Win If No One Voted In An Election?

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In the light of the discussion around the lack of trust in MPs, theoretically what would happen if nobody in the country voted in a General Election?
Dermot, West Hampstead


** Definitive **
Name: Keith, Enfield
Qualification: A commentator on TV said it.
Answer: Some years ago, when there was a possibility of a dead heat in the election, it was mentioned that if for the sake of argument, everyone got 25,000 votes, it would be settled by the toss of a coin. So for 650 seats, it would be settled by 650 tosses of coins.

** Extra Definitive **
Name: Darren, Folkstone
Qualification: Electoral agent for one of the political parties
Answer: The previous answer is almost right. As every candidate would have 0 votes, they would draw lots. The names would be put in a hat and the returning officer would draw out one name as the winner of that seat. This would happen for every seat, so the parliament would be made up of a random selection of parties. At this point, the Queen may not necessarily call upon the party with the most MPs, but would call upon the person who was most likely to form a stable government.